New Skin and Hair Care Products Now Available plus a Shameless Plug

Let’s rewind for about 15 years. I was 5 years or so into my massage career and discovering a whole world of new and wonderful “alternative” ways of living and enjoying life.

When I started massaging I was brand new to using essential oils. I’d heard of them, my brother had even given me a book and an oil burner which I treasured but were unfortunately used for collecting dust. With baby steps I started using them in my massage oil, then I dug out the oil burner and started using it.

Essential Oil Reading

When I started reading about each oil’s individual therapeutic properties I couldn’t stop thinking about how much they could be used for…. I thought to myself, why are these only being used in oil burners?

I started experimenting with oils that had therapeutic properties for clearing up problem skin. In my late twenties, this was still a problem for me.

The Not So Nice Ingredients Found In Household Products

I stumbled across a wholesaler that made all the bases for the products I wanted to try. Most of the ingredients were organic and if not, natural and safe. In particular free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate and synthetic fragrances. I will explain more about parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate in a post specific to these not so nice ingredients unfortunately found in many of the beauty products we use today.

After several months my skin had never looked better. I knew I needed to be a qualified aromatherapist to work with essential oils on a deeper level. So off I went to get my diploma in aromatherapy.

Sodium lauryl sulphate grocery shopping
UYou would be surprised at what contains Sodium lauryl sulphate.

Product to Market...Not as Easy as it Sounds!

Over the next few years I worked on blends, base products and what sort of range I could put together. The most frustrating part of this process was knowing where to go first. I needed labels, but I needed a graphic designer first. I spoke to a graphic designer who said I needed packaging first. Then how do I sell it? Online of course. So then I had to find a web designer.  Anyway, it was really confusing and time-consuming.

Unfortunately the time, my website was a flop. I had a handful of regular customers who were massage clients who kept me going with it. Albeit slowly. I never gave up on getting my skin and hair care product range off the ground.

This brings us to 2018…

My Digital Marketing Source Can Now Be Yours

Looking for an SEO company for me had been in the too hard basket for long enough. After having time off with young children, it’s time to build my massage workload up to a full-time business. I started working with Rocket Fuel Digital for help with my website, SEO and graphic design. In my mind, it was purely to increase my massage business and I’d almost forgotten my products were even online.

Ok, now this is a shameless plug but I definitely have all the online marketing resources and support I need from Rocket Fuel Digital to confidently sell my products online. Website development, SEO, online advertising across any platform I want, email marketing, graphic design and fulfilment, basically if you think of it – they can make it happen for you online and offline. And with more than 30 years of experience and the qualifications to back up what they do, I couldn’t be happier with their service and guidance.

My skin and hair care products have now been relaunched on my website Byerin Massage and am now planning to launch a refreshed line of body products towards the end of this year.

All my products are free from artificial fragrances, colours, SLS and parabens. They contain ingredients to nurture your skin and hair and are not harmful to you or the environment.

Day and Night cremeByerin Massage Day and Night Creme, sold separately and together.

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