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There are seemingly endless perks to getting a spray tan: it's safe, it's pretty, it's a great way to treat yourself or prepare for a special event. The list goes on.

So whether you've got a big day coming up or you're just hoping to break up your midwinter paleness, spray tanning can be an awesome option. There's little or no risk involved with a spray tan that's performed in a reputable salon, and the results can be extremely natural and satisfactory for weeks after your treatment.

But what should you know to prepare for your spray tanning appointment? Are there any tricks to getting an awesome tan? What should you expect on the day of your appointment?

If you're thinking of getting a spray tan, it's important to do your research. For 9 important and interesting things about spray tanning-keep on reading!

  1. Shave 12 Hours Prior

You'll likely want to have smooth skin prior to your spray tan, and that's totally okay-just make sure you do it 12 to 24 hours before going under the spray gun.

When you shave, you expose new, sensitive skin cells that have the potential to be seriously irritated by the products used in your spray tan. Shaving too close to the time of your spray tan can lead to your skin to become red and uncomfortable.

  1. Exfoliate Beforehand

Around the time you give your skin that last pre-tan shave, you should take a minute to exfoliate your skin thoroughly. Scrub long enough to remove dead skin and soften patches of dry skin across your body.

Failing to exfoliate before your spray tan can cause the tanning product to set improperly; you could leave your appointment with splotchy, uneven colouring.

  1. Ditch the Lotion and Makeup

Do your best to avoid makeup and lotion in the 12-ish hours before your appointment. Applying products like makeup and lotion allows your skin a coating barrier, which can stunt the effectiveness of your spray tan overall.

Make sure your skin is clean and dry when you show up for your spray tan. If your skin is covered in lotion or makeup, it'll fail to absorb the colour and you'll be left with an unsatisfactorily-faded tan-or your body will be covered in streaks of colour.

  1. Get Ready to Strip

One thing many people fail to process prior to their spray tanning appointment is the fact that a good spray tan always involves the removal of the vast majority of the clothes-usually all but the underwear, though you're free to undress only to your comfort-level.

Keep in mind the fact that any clothing you keep on has the potential to leave behind tan-lines. Consider wearing a big, loose dress and minimal underwear to your appointment. For best results, slip the dress over your head and remember you're not the first or last person your technician has sprayed!

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  1. Use a Well-Ventilated Salon

While it may seem as though a spray tan is a thoroughly low-risk procedure, it's important to choose a reputable salon to ensure that it is, in fact, safe and healthy. One major way spray tans can negatively affect your health is by being administered in a poorly-ventilated salon.

Breathing too much spray tanner poses some serious safety concerns; make sure your salon is clean. You should see evidence of vents in the tanning area of your salon.

  1. Spray Tans Aren't Base Tans

First of all, the concept of a "base tan" is, in itself, a myth. Second, it's a common and dangerous misunderstanding held by some individuals that receiving a spray tan prevents future risk of sunburn...it doesn't!

Spray tans don't alter your skin's melanin-which is the part of your skin that changes as you get colour from the sun. Spray tans sit on top of your skin and don't protect you at all.

  1. Chlorine Can Nix Your Colour

Although spray tans can be the perfect accessory to your summer style, it's important to remember that your spray tan could easily wash away-especially when it's exposed to chlorine. Chlorine is a form of bleach and can serve to fade your spray tan significantly.

Taking a quick dip in the pool won't make a negative impact on your colour, although you should stay away from any extended pool-time to preserve your tan. Pat your skin dry with a towel upon hopping out of the pool.

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  1. You Can Wash it Away

So, you probably won't be surprised-but your spray tan can be washed away pretty easily. Spending about half an hour soaking in a warm tub mixed with a splash of shower gel can loosen the colour from your skin's surface, lifting and fading it.

This fact is good to keep in mind in the event that you're unhappy with your tan's results or you're simply ready to be done with your bronzing. It's also important to remember that any extended exposure to water can serve to lift and fade your spray tan.

  1. Take the Night Off

While there's not technically any down-time associated with getting a spray tan, it might be a good idea to take the night off and lay low following your tan. Most salons recommend waiting at least 5 hours before showering after your spray tan.

The result immediately after your tan is applied will typically be much deeper in colour than your ultimate tone, and the smell of your skin will be...not awesome. You'll be a bit like a stinky Oompa-Loompa until you're allowed to shower-so consider putting on some light pyjamas and having a glass (or 3) of wine tonight!

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Want More Info on Spray Tanning?

Spray tanning can be a great and safe alternative to fake or solar tanning, and it can be a lot more stylish than your mid-winter porcelain glow. Before you head into the salon for your own spray tanning appointment, however, you should take the time to learn all the facts so you'll know how to prepare!

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