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When you're constantly knocking things off counters, unable to zip-up jackets, or accidentally bumping into strangers, the last thing you may think possible with that growing bump is getting a massage...

But, did you know that receiving a massage is not only doable, but it can also greatly improve your health and comfort during pregnancy?

Here are 6 amazing benefits of getting a pregnancy massage right away! 

  1. Less Anxiety & Symptoms of Depression

When you're gearing up to welcome a tiny person into the world, there's a lot to plan for. While this is an exciting and wonderful time for you and your partner, that bundle of joy you're expecting can also bring with him or her a bundle of worries.

Pregnancy massages are an excellent way to relieve some of that pre-baby anxiety.

A proper massage can help to regulate your moods and even regulate prenatal hormones like nor-epinephrine and cortisol that control stress management and feelings of depression.

Even if you're not prone to stressing out, struggling with the baby blues, or dealing with depression, a pregnancy massage helps you take a load off and gives mumma some much needed personal time to relax before that big day when baby arrives.

  1. Pain Relief

Sciatica, back pain, sore muscles, tight legs, just about everything that is uncomfortable about pregnancy can be helped with a quality pregnancy massage.

It's no secret, pregnancy is no walk in the park, at least not for the majority of mothers. With all the various aches and pains that come with that growing belly and adjusting body, finding relief through a great massage can be a lifesaver.

Sciatica, for example, is caused when that growing uterus puts a little too much pressure on nerves that lie on the pelvic floor. This can result in shooting pains down the lower back and legs of pregnant mothers.

Fortunately, sciatic pain caused by those inflamed nerves can be relieved with the help of a massage that relieves tension on muscles nearby.

Mummies-to-be who receive a quality pregnancy massage can enjoy pain relief for their backs, legs, necks, hips, and just about anywhere else muscles become sore. 

  1. Reduce Swelling

Poor mummies, it's an unfortunate fact that about 75% of pregnant women experience what is known medically as "edema." In layman's terms: swelling.

This pregnancy swelling is often known to occur most often in ankles and feet. Sometimes it can occur in pregnant mother's hands, faces, and other areas.

This swelling occurs because a pregnant mother's body is producing about 50 percent more fluids than usual.

This swelling can bring with it physical discomfort, pain, and even self-consciousness for new mothers. Not to worry!

Alleviating pregnancy-induced swelling is yet another benefit of receiving a massage while pregnant.

Getting a proper pregnancy massage helps increase blood flow for mothers as well as lymph circulation. Both are known to reduce swelling and help with those annoying aches that come with poor circulation.

Massage is also beneficial for swollen mummies as it stimulates the soft tissues to lessen the amount of fluids gathering there. Massage can hasten the removal of tissue waste the lymph system conducts.

  1. Better Sleep

There's no question that sleep is hard to come by once the baby arrives. Unfortunately, many expectant mothers start losing those precious Z's before their little one is born.

With the added weight in their core, the aches and pains of stretching ligaments and muscles, and tension and pressure on nerves, it's no wonder women struggle to get comfortable at night.

Pregnancy massage is a great way to relieve tension, relax the body, and ensure a more quality night's sleep.

Just be sure to do your research and make sure you have a quality massage therapist with experience and certification in pregnancy massage. Finding the right massage therapist is the first step to catching a few more full nights of sleep before your little cutie starts keeping you up.

  1. Emotional Rejuvenation

Adding a new addition to your family is a joyous event. However, it is perfectly normal, (and common), for new mothers to become exhausted emotionally with all the changes taking place.

Routines are disrupted, sleep is lost, bodies change, existing relationships adjust. All these things can take an emotional toll. 

As the old adage goes, "you can't pour from an empty glass." Sometimes the best way for a mother-to-be to prepare to give her all to her new little one (and the other important loved ones in her life), is to take care of her own emotional health.

Pregnancy massage is a great way to fill that metaphorical glass for new mummies. A little self-love goes a long way to relieving feelings of worry and exhaustion.

  1. Easier Labour and Delivery

Many women who receive regular pregnancy massages report an easier time with labour and delivery. This may be in part because of the increase in circulation to important muscles and joints involved in process of childbirth.

Along with regular exercise, proper massage during pregnancy can help loosen tight muscles and improve blood flow--all things that can only help come game time.

This can, in turn, put less stress on your little one during the labour and delivery process. When it comes to ensuring a safe delivery, a safe massage is a great way to check all the potential boxes.

pregnancy massageWe've created soft and comfortable environment for our patients that are soon to be mothers.

How Pregnancy Massage is Unique

It's good to be aware that a prenatal massage is slightly different from a "regular massage."

Because of the added weight in the middle, pregnant mothers are usually best situated on their side during a pregnancy massage. This helps protect the body from improper strain and pressure on the uterus.

Safety of the mother and her expected child are a top priority to a quality massage therapist.

Ensuring a Safe Pregnancy Massage

When it comes down to it, there's no question that a prenatal massage can be highly beneficial to expectant mothers for numerous reasons.

However, it's also valuable to research proper massage techniques and practices to be certain your massage therapist is well qualified to help you.


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