Lymphatic drainage

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Visiting the spa benefits your mental, spiritual, and physical health. The entire spa environment eases each of your senses through healing touch, entrancing sounds, and therapeutic scents. 

Each treatment option offers unique benefits. A manual lymphatic drainage massage takes the spa experience to a deeper level than some of the other treatments. 

Massage therapists learn historical techniques from a Chinese text that dates back to 2700 BCE, called, "The Yellow Emperor's Classic Book of Internal Medicine." Healers have since used this ancient treatment and improved it over the years to target specific needs.

In the 1930's France, Emil and Estrid Vodder crafted the appropriate strokes and sequence to create lymphology, leading to the widespread practice of lymphatic drainage.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

This type of lymphatic therapy uses gentle and rhythmic skin stretching to manually stimulate the lymph system. The lymphatic system contains lymph nodes, organs, such as the spleen, tonsils, and appendix, and other tissues that transport a fluid called lymph that contains white blood cells throughout the body to fight infection and rid the body of toxic waste.

The type of stimulation used in a lymphatic drainage massage increases the rate of drainage into the circulatory system. Driving out this excess fluid makes the body healthier.

Benefits of a Drainage Massage

Revving up the lymphatic system sounds like a great thing. Let's look at the benefits of doing so more closely.

Boosts the Immune System

Your immune system operates to keep you healthy by defending against infectious organisms and other troublesome invaders. The lymphatic system serves as the first line of defence for the immune system.

Speeding up the drainage with a lymph node massage means carrying lymphocytes and macrophages more quickly to kill off invaders and remove them from the body. Receiving a lymphatic drainage massage regularly, like once or twice a month, will constantly keep more of these defensive cells circulating through your body. 

Meaning, this type of massage can help your body naturally heal faster if you're already sick. It will also build up your defence system so that your body can better prevent you from getting sick the next time you get exposed to a virulent disease. This will help heal and protect you from colds and other viruses like influenza, as well as all sorts of bacterial infections and other nasty invaders.

Aids in Gut Health

The digestive system sees a lot of outside stuff. Most healthy people eat regularly throughout the day, and food can contain all sorts of bacteria or other harmful substances. Your digestive system also contains lymphatic vessels.

Tiny masses of tissue, called Peyer's patches, grow throughout the small intestine. These nodules decide whether the bacteria travelling through the gut can cause harm or not. If they detect a bad antigen, they call in the immune system troops.

Keeping things moving with a lymph massage means reducing your risk for bloating, cramping, and not so pleasant natural urges that come along with food borne illness. 

Improves Digestion

In the digestive tract, the lymph vessels do more than ward off disease. They also aid in the absorption and metabolism of nutrients. 

When the lymphatic circulation slows down, the body does not properly absorb fat. This can cause malnutrition, as we need fats for energy, protection, warmth, and cell growth.

Slowed lymphatic drainage also results in carbohydrate metabolism. Studies show that the lymphatic system plays a secondary role in helping the body regulate blood glucose levels after a meal. It does so by carrying immune cells that temporarily buffer glucose in the form of lactate and aspartate to prevent glucose levels from rising too high.

Receiving a manual lymphatic drainage massage not only keeps you absorbing enough fat, but it stops you from gaining too much fat. High glucose levels leave leftover energy that the body will store for later use. This leads to unwanted weight gain.

A healthy diet will only help you as much as your digestive abilities allow. A regular lymph node massage will work to maximise the benefits of your healthy eating habits. Keeping the lymph circulating means absorbing the proper amount of fat and keeping your glucose levels in check.

Reduces Fluid Retention

People experience fluid retention, also known as edema, for a number of reasons, from pregnancy to taking long flights. This occurs because the circulatory system moves important fluids, oxygen, and nutrients back and forth through tiny capillaries.

Certain internal and external conditions cause important proteins and fluids to get trapped in the tissues, resulting in swelling. The massage uses techniques that help drain these fluids.

Manually, the stretching and movements push the lymph out from the tissues and into circulation. On a deeper level, the manual lymphatic drainage massage speeds up the internal circulation, pushing lymph through the body at a faster rate, making it more difficult for the fluid and other substances to settle.

Enhances Your Radiance 

This type of therapeutic massage helps aesthetically as well as it improves the natural systems within the body. Improving lymphatic drainage makes the skin appear more beautiful.

Moving the lymph helps reduce oxidative stress caused by free radicals by removing the toxins and other harmful substances. Reducing fluid retention means the skin will appear less puffy and blotchy. 

Furthermore, boosting the immune system means that scars will heal faster and better, even reducing unsightly stretch marks. Another benefit of lymphatic therapy is that the increased circulation breaks down the toxins that dimple the skin. This means that you can, in fact, help eliminate that dreaded cellulite!

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Massage therapy survived the ages and remains an important health practice today because it truly works. Human touch alone helps to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Lymphatic drainage impacts several body systems to increase lymph circulation and create a host of health benefits from improved immunity to enhanced beauty. We want to help you feel healthy from the inside out.


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