Massage for Connection

The benefits of massage to improve performance, prevent and treat soft tissue injury, increase range of motion and assist in recovery are often talked about when discussing why regular massage is so beneficial. The topic of massage for the basic need for human touch is rarely discussed. 

Why touch?

Touch is essential for our life force to thrive! When babies are born prematurely, research has shown the babies that receive regular human touch, even when they are unable to be held thrive and gain weight at a much faster rate than those babies who were touched less so. This is true for everyone, no matter their age.

When you are being massaged your body releases neurotransmitters. These are powerful chemicals that send signals to your body and brain for many different functions. During a massage treatment the chemicals released are your body’s natural antidepressant and antianxiety chemicals. As well as endorphins. It basically releases a powerhouse of “feel goodness”. And on a regular basis can have a massively positive effect on mental and emotional health.

The mind/body connection

Mind, body connection is crucial for optimal health. The sooner we recognise something doesn’t feel quite right in our body and have it checked out the better. Often we live in our heads. The expression living with “your head in the clouds” springs to mind. We can become so disconnected from our bodies and how they feel many symptoms have time to manifest and become worse requiring more intervention that may have been necessary if caught quickly. Massage treatment quickly and easily builds the mind, body connection. Even in the short term this lends for better health and wellbeing and faster recovery from injury and illness.

In a world that is becoming more and more disconnected from personal contact, massage is an amazing self care tool to ensure your mind, body and spirit stay connected with human touch.  Studies have shown the need for community and connection is vital for human wellbeing. For emotional health and support as well as psychological health. 

Check out of being a “human doing” on a regular basis. Book yourself a regular massage and for an hour a week or whatever time frame is suitable for you, step back into your natural state of a “human being”. It will transform your health – body, mind and spirit!

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