Erin Kemp

My background and qualifications

I have been a remedial massage therapist for 20 years after I was lucky enough to fall into a job I love a few years after leaving high school. I have diplomas in remedial massage and aromatherapy and certificate IV in reflexology. I'm also experienced in pregnancy massage and hot stone massage.

A little push goes along way...

At age 18 I was working as a legal secretary. A job I thought I was going to love! Three months in I could not have hated it more…. I realised I wasn’t cut out for the pressure, the stress and not least, an office! During lunch myself and the other secretary would discuss what we would rather be doing. I tried to imagine the most opposite work environment to what I was in. I said I want to do massages in a pretty room, with chilled out people, nice music and no nasty boss! As my co-worker was reading the paper one day she read out an ad for a massage course. As a bit of a joke I rang the number. I spoke to the lady who was running the courses. I remember she told me the course was seven hundred dollars. At 18 years old an earning award wage, this seemed like an impossible amount to save up. And I told her that. She said quite abruptly, that if you wanted something badly enough you would make it happen. How could I argue with that? I enrolled in the course and I am so thankful for that lady for giving me that push. I returned to her school for many of my courses and am grateful for her role in helping me carve out this amazing career.

My first massage job paved the way for the knowledge I now have...

My first job as a massage therapist, was working alongside an Osteopath. It was a perfect start for my career. I would stand in on his consultations and then do the massage work that was required for the patient’s treatment. I loved this job. During the consultations I gained invaluable knowledge about anatomy, bio-mechanics, injury rehabilitation, massage techniques and consultation skills. The knowledge and confidence I gained from this role led me to take on another job as a massage therapist, seeing my own clients from start to finish. I’m actually really honoured to say that I still see clients that I originally met at both the Osteopathic and Massage clinics 20 years ago!

Filling the demand for Reflexology...

Towards the end of 2000 I decided to incorporate a mobile massage service as a temporary means of income until I found another “real” job…. I ran that mobile massage business full time until 2008 when I had my first son! It turned out to be a great idea and was very successful.

During this time I noticed I was often asked by clients if I knew anyone who did Reflexology. I didn’t and I found it very difficult to find a practitioner to refer these clients to. So I decided to complete my certificate IV in Reflexology. Referral problem solved! From 2006 I was able to incorporate reflexology into my massage treatments or do them as a stand alone treatment.

An interest in essential oils led me to studying Aromatherapy...

As a massage therapist using essential oils in my massage oils I had an idea about using them as the key ingredient in skin and hair care products. Times were changing and people were becoming aware of how toxic many household products including toiletries could be. I began researching ingredients and suppliers and  I thought I need to know more about how these oils work.  In 2008 I began my studies to become and aromatherapist.

Working out a gym I discovered the benefits of Hot Massage Therapy...

After some downtime to raise my boy I worked a bit from home and also set up my practise in a gym. It was a fantastic opportunity to work together with personal trainers to get the most for our clients and improve their performance and/or rehabilitate from injury. During this time I learned so much about sports massage and performance. And I discovered Hot Stone Massage! Such a gentle, enjoyable treatment has a profound effect on soft tissue injuries. I thought it would be a great tool to bring into that environment. In 2012 I completed my training to become a Hot Stone Massage Therapist.  The years I worked at that gym were great times. I gained a lot of experience, grew my business and met and worked with some amazing people.

I knew I had to bring all my learning together, under one roof...

After I had my second son I decided it was time to incorporate a more holistic approach to my treatment. This meant the environment needed to be serene, soft music, essential oils…. Calming for all the senses to enable each client to really get the most they can out of each treatment.  It was time to bring all of my skills together to provide practical remedial massage with so many more elements. So in 2013 my Dad converted my garage into a beautiful treatment room for me. Standing in my room for the first time, I had a flash back to the day in that legal office where I pictured myself as far from that environment as I could. I was now standing in that room!  

About Erin
The space I developed for my clients.

What I'm doing right now

In 2018 I enrolled to study a Bachelor of Health Science. I’m really excited about the opportunity to continue my learning in the health industry. It’s a lot of work but it will be worth it. In around 8 years I’ll be able to call myself a Naturopath! The best part is I’ll be able to incorporate a lot of what I’m learning into my practice along the way. It’s going to be an amazing journey.

When I’m not at work…..

My favourite thing to do when I’m not working is to hang out with my three boys. Making time for them is so important. I’m so lucky to have a great support network who have helped with the kids while I’ve been working late. They have enabled me to build my business back up to full time and now I can carve out that extra time for my kids.

We love camping on the weekends, whatever the season! Our camper trailer was the best money I ever spent. We named her Doris. Road tripping with Doris is always a fun adventure. My family loves camping as well so it’s usually a family affair.

My favourite self-care stress reliever is the gym. A good heavy weights session is the best endorphin hit. And then I get to complain about being sore for two days.

Get in contact with me

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