Remedial Massage

The beauty of remedial massage is each therapist develops their own style as they learn more about the body, injuries and what works for them.  I incorporate all the modalities I have learned, such as reflexology, trigger pointing, myofascial release, aromatherapy and resistive stretching.  Each massage is unique as each body's requirements are unique. However the objective is always the same.  To relieve pain and improve movement and prevent injury.



Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a style of body work designed to manually kickstart and improve the body's ability to drain excess fluid. Manual stimmulation and drainage relieves excess fluid which causes bloating and or oedema. It's a very different treatment for those used to regular massage.  We use no oil and it's very light.  The end result and the ongoing health benefits of regular lymphatic drainage include improved immune function, improved digestion, clear skin and less bloating. 




​​Every organ, body part, system or nerve in the body has a correlating reflex point in our feet. When these reflex points are stimulated it sends a reflex nerve impulse to the associated body part facilitating balance.  If the adrenal gland is burnt out, reflexology will help calm and sedate it. If the digestive system is sluggish we can stimulate the system and help improve digestion. Reflexology is all about creating balance for better health.




Pregnancy Massage

Self care is so important when you're pregnant and taking time out to nurture your body with a massage is well worth the effort. Massage during pregnancy is safe for both you and your baby, as I use the safest essential oils to enhance the experience. I have 17 years experience working with women during their pregnancies. And as I also have three children of my own, am very sympathetic to the physical demands of this very special time in a woman's life.



Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy feels amazing! The heat from the stones has a sedative effect on the whole body so it is extremely relaxing and effective for relieving pain. The stones also work to dilate blood vessels increasing blood flow to muscles, allowing easy access to the deeper muscle fibres as muscles soften and relax. Hot Stone Therapy can have significant benefits for sufferers of fibromyalgia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and a variety of mental health issues. 




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