Massage for Teens and Tweens…

Is remedial massage for teens and tweens appropriate?

This is a question I get asked regularly from clients. And the answer is absolutely!

I’m a strong believer in parents massaging babies and young children themselves. Either for general relaxation before bed or for sore feet or growing pains in calf muscles. The parents may have never even had a massage themselves but therapeutic touch, I believe, is instinctual. Just the touch itself can ease pain and discomfort.

From around the ages of 10 or 11 in my experience, children can gain real benefit from having professional remedial massage.

Growth Spurts

During these years, the body is experiencing massive change including increase in muscle mass, bone length and density. A common problem is the pain associated with bones growing faster than the muscles connected to them.

This pain often presents in the calf muscle, behind the knee and the heel bone. As our bodies grow at night during sleep, unfortunately these pains usually strike during the night. Some regular massage for teens during this time of growth can help reduce the intensity of the pain when it does strike.


The muscles of the upper back, neck and jaw can become tight even in children. Just like in adults, the restricted blood flow to tight muscles can cause headaches. Carrying heavy school bags often contributes to these muscles becoming tight.

Massage for teens high school


During school years, a lot of time is spent sitting in the classroom. And when your teen hits high school more time is required doing study and homework outside of the classroom. This static posture takes its toll, even on young bodies. And of course add time spent on “devices”…. Mobile phones, xbox etc etc. It’s all repetitive and static postures that will wreak havoc on their musculo-skeletal system which long term will affect their movement patterns.


Remedial massage for teens is a great tool for recovery from any sport. It reduces the risk of injury and enhances not only recovery but performance as well.


Unfortunately our kids are not immune to the effects of stress and anxiety. Regular massage for teens can have a profound effect on your teen’s emotional state and mental health. It calms the nervous system and enhances the production of all the natural anti-depressant hormones we all have within our bodies.

Exam time

Having massages during the period leading up to exams and during that time can help reduce stress and worry. Massage improves sleeping patterns and the quality of sleep which is important for retention during study times and recall during exam times.

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