Why is Acupressure a Terrific Treatment for Emotions?

I have recently discovered Acupressure for Emotional Release. As a massage therapist I have had very little to do with acupressure until this point. In all honesty my practise for the first 15 years was largely focused on the functional side of soft tissue treatment.  I think with age, life experience and being a mum has shifted some of that focus onto the real impact emotions have on our physical health and well being. And what a profound impact acupressure and other body work can have on the release of these stored or non-processed emotions.

How it works

Acupressure works by clearing “acu” points along the meridians that run vertically throughout the body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed our “qi” needs to run freely along these meridians for optimal health and well being of mind, body and spirit.  It is also believed, unprocessed emotions become stored in organs that correlate with these meridians. So, by clearing certain acu points the qi can flow smoothly and one can start to clear and process these “stored” emotions.

The 12 MeridiansThe 12 meridians of the human body.

What you can expect

I prefer to do this treatment as a stand alone treatment at first. You really have to be ready and willing to let go of some of your emotional stuff. For this reason, I always ask permission to incorporate it into a massage treatment if I believe it will be beneficial.  As we have peeled back a few layers it can be incorporated into your regular massage routine.

Acupressure is performed fully clothed and I hold certain points along the meridians for up to 5 minutes at a time. The treatment is very different especially if one is accustomed to remedial massage therapy. I find most people become so relaxed they are almost unaware of the treatment taking place. Deep relaxation alone is invaluable for the well being of our body and mind.

How do I know it’s working?

For several days, I have observed even up to a week after the treatment, the body can show signs of cellular clearing. What I mean by this is, for up to a week after your treatment you may experience physical releases such as weeping for periods of time unsure as to why you are. Your body’s excretory systems may work overtime for a day or two, skin eruptions such as pimples may pop up, usually along the meridian your therapist noted was particularly blocked or perhaps over active. Or even just exhausted (more than usual) for no particular reason.

That all sounds amazing doesn’t it!

Why would you do this? Because these are temporary symptoms of emotional clearing, healing on a cellular level. Enabling you to really heal from things you had no idea were holding you back.

How you can support emotional clearing between your treatments


    By learning and practising daily meditation, your body will continue to clear and shift energetically, allowing each treatment to move you further along your path.


    Unprocessed emotions can impair the optimal function of our organs and bodily functions. By fuelling our bodies with fresh, healthy food and avoiding processed foods as much as possible will ultimately help our bodies and organs heal.  Also avoiding/reducing alcohol and caffeine for several days following acupressure treatment will enhance the healing energy flow.

    Essential oils

    Particular essential oil blends along meridians can really help support the process of clearing qi. I have range of roller balls for this purpose available to purchase.

    Want to know more?

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