Byerin Massage

Byerin Natural Hair Mask 250ml


Treat and Repair Your Damaged Hair.

Made from a rich blend of ingredients and essential oils, our Hair Mask which is made in Australia is the perfect hair care product for those who need to actively repair their damaged hair on a regular basis. Ideal for combating dry hair and split ends, the white clay, rosemary and ylang ylang essential oils in our Hair Masque work together to hydrate, restore and protect your hair further damage. Used regularly as part of a natural hair care routine, our Hair Masque will help maintain the colour of coloured hair, prevent blonds from going brassy and improve the overall health of your hair. Best used in combination with Byerin Natural Shampoo and Conditioner.

Key Ingredients:

White Clay Powder – The natural properties of this powder help the sebum levels in your hair to prevent oily lumps of hair. It also aids in relieving scalp conditions like itchy scalp and dandruff by moisturizing your scalp.

Rosemary Extract – Rosemary contains naturally antiseptic properties and acts as a terrific disinfectant for our skin. Rosemary protects our skin from the sun and free radicals that often clog up the pores of your face.

Ylang Ylang – This essential oil is a natural and effective oil in the treatment of hair loss from stress and alopecia by helping to stimulate hair growth.

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